12-1.30pm, 8th July 2018, at Pebble Beach on Aylestone Meadows

Zina is having a picnic against the road and has asked us to pass on her invitation to you:

“Hello everyone,

I'm having a picnic in the Meadows on the 8th July, and inviting anyone who would like to come, because I love the Meadows and really don't want a road built over it.

Why not bring bring your family and friends with a picnic and come and meet each other, see how beautiful the Aylestone Meadows are, write a letter to the council if you want to, and talk about how the campaign is progressing.
Some friends of mine have agreed to bring children's games, their instruments and bake cakes, and I'm going to bring information about the road and invite people to write postcards to the council.

It's going to be laid back, sociable and fun, and I hope you'd like to come and join me. Please do spread the word.

Hope to meet you there,