Council debate: 4th Oct 2018, 5pm.

Our petition asked the council to take the road out of the Leicester Local Plan. The council has since replied and said that they will have a full council debate about the petition on Thursday 4th Oct. We will have 5 minutes to present our argument, and then they will debate for 15 minutes (more if the Mayor allows).


As things currently stand the council position is that the road is “only a line on a map” and that it doesn’t have a formal plan to build this road across the Meadows. But it is also being said that it would be a good idea, and will happen at some point.The funding bid for the Putney Road scheme linked it with the Evesham Road Link.So we are asking that they remove it from the Leicester Local plan, take it off the map of possible future roads, and consult with the Leicester public about what they could do with the assets (land and buildings) which they own with a view to building the road. If they did this, it would be unlikely to come up again in the future.


The council puts records of it's meetings online so if you want to watch the debate, click here and then scan down to and click on "View the webcast".

If you also want to write to your councillor afterwards and tell them what you think, that would be great as this campaign is ging to rumble on and they need to understand that new roads cause extra traffic and make congestion and air pollution worse. You can find their contact details here.