This was it. Our chance to make our opposition to the Evesham Road to Saffron Lane road visible. And it went brilliantly. Thankyou so much to everyone who came and spread the word.

Every time we talk to people connected to the council they say that Sir Peter Soulsby won’t go ahead with this road if there is enough visible public opposition – and that what we need is at least a couple of hundred people to come to a demo have an impact. And that's what we got - at least 200 of us came and it was friendly with loads of lovely homemade placards. The councillors in the debate were well aware of our presence - many of them walked through us to get to the debate, and they commented on us during it.

The debate itself also went well ... and now we need to turn our attention to the Scrutiny committees who get to decide if the road should be removed from the map and the local plan, hopefully with input from us.