Current Events

This was it. Our chance to make our opposition to the Evesham Road to Saffron Lane road visible. And it went brilliantly. Thankyou so much to everyone who came and spread the word.

Every time we talk to people connected to the council they say that Sir Peter Soulsby won’t go ahead with this road if there is enough visible public opposition – and that what we need is at least a couple of hundred people to come to a demo have an impact. And that's what we got - at least 200 of us came and it was friendly with loads of lovely homemade placards. The councillors in the debate were well aware of our presence - many of them walked through us to get to the debate, and they commented on us during it.

The debate itself also went well ... and now we need to turn our attention to the Scrutiny committees who get to decide if the road should be removed from the map and the local plan, hopefully with input from us.

Council debate: 4th Oct 2018, 5pm.

Our petition asked the council to take the road out of the Leicester Local Plan. The council has since replied and said that they will have a full council debate about the petition on Thursday 4th Oct. We will have 5 minutes to present our argument, and then they will debate for 15 minutes (more if the Mayor allows).


As things currently stand the council position is that the road is “only a line on a map” and that it doesn’t have a formal plan to build this road across the Meadows. But it is also being said that it would be a good idea, and will happen at some point.The funding bid for the Putney Road scheme linked it with the Evesham Road Link.So we are asking that they remove it from the Leicester Local plan, take it off the map of possible future roads, and consult with the Leicester public about what they could do with the assets (land and buildings) which they own with a view to building the road. If they did this, it would be unlikely to come up again in the future.


The council puts records of it's meetings online so if you want to watch the debate, click here and then scan down to and click on "View the webcast".

If you also want to write to your councillor afterwards and tell them what you think, that would be great as this campaign is ging to rumble on and they need to understand that new roads cause extra traffic and make congestion and air pollution worse. You can find their contact details here.

4pm, Sunday 7th October 2018

Generally 5-10 people come to these meetings, they last a couple of hours, and we are currently having about one a month. We use these meetings to plan events, priorities, and what the campaign should be doing to be effective. Please do come and join us for a meeting and see if you'd like to work with us. We need more people. The venue varies so please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ring her on 0116 2899074 for details about where to come.

12-1.30pm, 8th July 2018, at Pebble Beach on Aylestone Meadows

Zina is having a picnic against the road and has asked us to pass on her invitation to you:

“Hello everyone,

I'm having a picnic in the Meadows on the 8th July, and inviting anyone who would like to come, because I love the Meadows and really don't want a road built over it.

Why not bring bring your family and friends with a picnic and come and meet each other, see how beautiful the Aylestone Meadows are, write a letter to the council if you want to, and talk about how the campaign is progressing.
Some friends of mine have agreed to bring children's games, their instruments and bake cakes, and I'm going to bring information about the road and invite people to write postcards to the council.

It's going to be laid back, sociable and fun, and I hope you'd like to come and join me. Please do spread the word.

Hope to meet you there,


10am, 8th June 2018

About 20 of us made placards about the road and gathered in the Town Hall Square for half an hour while Leicester Mercury took photos - their article can be seen here. We then handed our petition in to the council. We have since had a letter from the council saying the petition has triggered a full council debate about the potential road being removed from the Leicester Local Plan on 4th Oct.

Feb 2018.

End of The Road has recently collected names for a petition opposed to the inclusion of The Link Road in the Leicester Local Plan with over 2000 signatures. This will be delivered to Leicester City Council in the Summer to show the strength of local feeling on the matter.

April and May 2018.

Opposing the opening of Putney Road and the Leicester and Leicestershire draft Strategic Growth Plan by writing briefings about, and encouraging people to make submissions to these consultations. Link to Putney breifing

Ongoing, started March 2018.

In March 2018 we met with Leicester City Council’s Adam Clarke, Deputy Major for Sustainability, Public Health and Public Health Integration to talk with him about the road. The official council position, which he reflected, is that there is no current plan to build this road across the River Soar, but that it is possible/likely to happen in the next 10-15 years. We will continue to communicate with him. See our letters to and from the council here. Link to letters.

Ongoing, started May 2018.

This team of Leicester people from groups including End of the Road and Leicester Friends of the Earth are trying to shift public and council opinion in favour of reduceing car use (known in the jargon as traffic demand management) by making positive comments about it in public forums. Tell us if you’d like to join this team! link to rapid response briefing and get involved form.